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Playing While Black- A look at challenges black youth face.


Playing While Black- A look at challenges black youth face.In the United States, black youth face unique challenges that shape “where” they recreate, “who” they participate with, and “how” they engage in recreation. Recent events around the country have highlighted the potential of racial profiling in leisure settings” according to an article published by Clemson University researchers led by Harrison Pinckney and Corliss Outley. FULL ARTICLE

In this video, Mr Pinckey talks about an incident where five boys in Grand Rapids, Michigan were stopped and held at gunpoint by police after playing a game of basketball at their neighborhood park. The full article looks at 3 case studies including Tamir Rice “with thoughtful consideration”, and hope that we “can create a world where playing while black is no longer a death sentence”.


“These children were walking home after participating in a healthy recreational activity, only to wind up being held at gunpoint and having their parents told by police that their sons were at the wrong place at the wrong time,” Pinckney says. “If playing basketball in a community park during daylight hours is the wrong time, then when is the right time for these kids to participate in physical activity and free play?”

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