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Producer/Songwriter/Entertainer “C.O.Z” @CalisBestRadio with @MsLashaunTurner 6/19/19

Inception Entertainment LLC, was developed in April 2018, by C.O.Z the producer/songwriter/entertainer and Odakin Watson, manager, executive producer and publisher. The two met a few years back in Vallejo CA and the friendship has grown into a musical business partnership. “C.O.Z. has the musical skills to be the next big entertainment icon in the rap industry”, said Watson. Keith Stafford is the project manager taking care of the LLC’s back office business affairs.

Currently INCEPTION E.T. L.L.C. is registered with ASCAP as a music publisher that has established a global publishing administration and 35 platform partner distribution agreement with CD Baby. INCEPTION E.T. L.L.C owns 100% of the SR copyrights to Elevator and Big & PAC. Since September 2018 we established a recurring monthly radio airplay campaign with radio playlist that provides a daily report of new fans/listeners and a weekly report of paid radio plays reports.

C.O.Z currently living in the Bay Area was born Christopher Terrell Vesta’l, in Washington DC, on December 21, 1990 realized at an early age his giftedness and talent for music. Growing up between Washington DC and Los Angeles California, help him developed a unique poetic freestyle and delivery of story-telling with rhythmic beats that clearly elevated his musical skills and talent. During his early years in middle and high school C.O.Z. engaged in numerous Rap Talent Battles and always claimed a top position in winning the contests that led him to a recording contract with My World Entertainment in Dallas, TX. Continuing his education attending a computer tech college in Fresno, California only helped him realize his true love and passion for song writing and producing music to try and help make this world a better place to live with his recording style of artistic contributions.

Released Elevator; August 4, 2018
Released Big & PAC; December 31, 2018
Money, Power, Love; Scheduled Release; June 15, 2019

(Provided by C.O.Z)

INCEPCTION Entertainment L.L.C.
3505 Sonoma Blvd. Ste.20 #148, Vallejo CA 94590

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