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Quantasia Sharpton says her and USHER Made A $ex Tape Together (Video)


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The woman publicly accusing Usher of exposing her to herpes claims she recorded the whole incident on video tape. Quantasia Sharpton is the first person to come forward publicly claiming that Usher never told her that he had herpes before the two engaged in sexual conduct two years ago. She has also alluded on her social media that she has received 2 million dollars in her bank account recently..

Radar Online had previously reported to have seen court documents in which Usher paid another woman (unnamed) $1.1 million and apologized for infecting her in 2012. The court documents also alledgedly showed that Usher was “exposed to herpes” in 2009 or 2010. Usher has not been on record to directly confirm or deny any of this.

Meanwhile Quantasia is giving interviews and claiming to have a sex tape AND hotel surveillance video..


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