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Rapper No Feelinz @CalisBestRadio Oct 9, 2019 @MsLashaunTurner


No feelinz Has been writing  music and recording records since 2005.He immersed himself into the hip-hop culture in 2001 shortly after he found his dad dead in his apartment at age 12. That was when he began to write short stories and poetry about his Life and the things he would see growing up in his neighborhood. His career got interesting in the winter of 2013 no feelinz moved to Santa Fe,NM in search of a better life and opportunities after leaving Albuquerque, NM from his past negative lifestyle he was looking for change. He met actress and music producer Sheryl Roberts. Roberts owned a full acting and recording studio in Santa Fe.

No Feelinz was homeless, but determined to reach his goals. Music was a way out he figured, So Roberts offered him free studio time to record his projects. In return all she asked from Joseph was a small donation to her nonprofit and community volunteering when he could. No feelinz begin to work with her for the next year and a half while taking vocal lessons and acting classes. He got to record his music at her studio. In 2014 No Feelinz gained the likes of grammy producer ke on tha track while still being homeless fighting poverty dealing with quiting music all together the opportunity to work with ke did not go through.

Until Summer of 2015 No Feelinz had his chance to collaborate on a single with major recording artist rapper Mike Jones. In spring of 2016 No Feelinz and Mike jones performed thier song on stage at the reloaded music tour. Now after leaving Roberts studio with the knowledge and having the chance to work and perform next to a big act. No Feelinz was in search of new music career opportunities. That’s when he met Dennis Javier Jasso a Latino music producer well known in Mexico and Puerto Rico. No Feelinz started recording and working with Dennis in his studio from 2016 to the winter of 2018 No Feelinz learned how to produce his own music, audio engineering, marketing, and the basics of Latino music and culture. No Feelinz and Dennis Javier Jasso would go on to be nominated 4 times in a row from 16 – 19 for best hiphop song in the state at the NM awards.

In January 2019 no feelinz was in contact with a few record labels. After declining one offer and not being accepted by the other one. no feelinz kept motivated staying focused on pursuing an independent music career. In April A&R rep troy belen contacted no feelinz about his music he discovered troy forward his music to Grammy award winner Luca dayz. In May of 2019 No feelinz signs a record deal with luca dayz and Bentley records. Since signing his deal no feelinz has been working and recording his music in Hollywood ca. Traveling, networking and building relationships staying busy at work creating content to be released through the label.

No feelinz has released over 7 mixtapes 1 ep and a couple of singles independently. He has worked with over 25 different hiphop and r&b artists, djs, and producers from all over the globe.

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