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REVIEW: Catamaran Resort Hotel San Diego- Great View, Room Less Desirable! 2/15/21

Catamaran Resort Hotel San Diego

I recently stayed at the Catamaran Resort Hotel San Diego and my comments are somewhat mixed.

The location and view was great – the room, less desirable. The room was in fact in need of a major update. I actually haven’t been in a “resort” lately that had the popcorn stuff on the ceilings.. It was dingy, dusty, and needs overhauling and more electrical outlets.

The Catamaran Resort Hotel San Diego staff were great, courteous, helpful- no complaints there.

Except, the 2nd day when I explored the grounds, I went out a gate to the beach area and couldn’t get back in. A lady came up behind me and said the gate had been working only off and on.

So, I had to walk ALL the way back around to get to the lobby and when I got there the gentlemen said “yeah it’s not working correctly we are aware”.

And I thought well if you knew why isn’t there a sign up so no one goes out and can’t get back in ?..

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the shower- HATED IT. Shower head calcified- the lever to adjust the hot/cold was so loose when you touch it you’re either gonna get full hot or full cold.

For some reason the latch that you pull up to make the water go to the shower head was stuck and it took several attempts to even get it up..

The water pressure was OK, the Hot water didn’t last as long as some places I have stayed- overall it was disappointing.

They have multiple restaurants and room service- I did not use any of them .. There is a sheet of paper in the room with menus that can be accessed with a QR reader/smart phone.

The STUDIO room had 2 queen beds and a pull out-couch bed. Kitchenette, which appliances were outdated, functioning and in order to get pots n pans etc you would need to call housekeeping. There wasn’t even any paper towels..

The room might be good for a family or hotel party where one does not plan to spend time in it- and plans to spend more time outdoors. The grounds of the resort are nice with Koi ponds scattered throughout..

However, If like myself, you like a luxury feel, ( in the room)  – this definitely is not it! Can’t have a 4 star Hotel with rooms like this.

Date of Stay 2/13-2/15/21 ..Cost:  620.26 ( parking was free for me because I have a Handicap sign, otherwise it is $27/day

REVIEW: Catamaran Resort Hotel San Diego- Great View, Room Less Desirable!

If the Catamaran would like to have me back when things are a bit updated- I’d love to give it another shot.


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