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San Francisco may fine people $1,000 for smoking Tobacco or Cannabis in their apartments


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San Francisco may fine people ,000 for smoking Tobacco or Cannabis in their apartmentsA committee of the city’s Board of Supervisors voted to advance a bill that would ban smoking inside private dwellings located in apartments with three or more units. The San Francisco Examiner reports that the restrictions would apply not just to tobacco products, but also to smoking marijuana and even to vaping.

Supervisor Norman Yee drafted the bill and says it’s aim is to protect nonsmoking apartment dwellers from the fumes & secondhand smoke of their inconsiderate neighbors.

The bill would allow the city’s Department of Public Health to fine offenders up to $1,000, after receiving multiple warnings. Smoking marijuana in public is illegal in San Francisco and in almost all businesses besides the city’s cannabis lounges—which are closed during the pandemic.

Yee has proposed an amendment allowing people with medical marijuana cards to continue smoking weed in their apartments. One supervisor, Rafael Mandelman, has said he wants a blanket exemption for cannabis.

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