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Sanitizer??? People Wash Your Filthy Hands…

Sanitizer??? People Wash Your Filthy Hands…

Welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence with me, Ms. Roni, where I always seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. This week I want to speak about hand washing. I used to be a baker and a parent educator and handwashing is a must. So, one thing that I find very offensive is people not washing their hands.

I am sure that every woman has experienced this scenario….I was in the restroom at work. There was also another lady in the restroom. She flushed the toilet and left. She did not wash her hands…. My thoughts were….I wonder if she realized that she just patted her W.A.P., touched the toilet handle, touched the door handle and took all of her germs along the way back to her workspace. Ladies if you are going to the restroom and not washing your hands when you leave….that is filthy. The thing is, I have seen many women commit this act of filth…as if this is sanitary.

There was a man that told me that he never washes his hands when he uses the restroom unless he does the other thing…Again….why would he think after touching his wand that it is okay to touch anything else and it wouldn’t be contaminated??? Acts such as taking a leak on the side of the house without washing your hands is also unacceptable, it is filthy. According to the CDC (2020) there are key times when you are likely to spread germs. One likely time to spread germs is before, during, and after meal prep. How many times have you been to a BBQ outside and the person skips some hand washing??? Some people don’t even wash their meat, but moving on.

Another key time when a person is likely to spread germs is after using the toilet….we have already discussed this and labeled it as…..FILTHYYYY (In my Men on Film voice, In Living Color). Another time when a person is likely to share germs is after blowing their nose, coughing, or sneezing. I had a superintendent in high school that would blow his nose, cough, and clean his face with the same handkerchief and never washed his damn hands. Some people will dig in their nose with their bare fingers and not wash their hands….again in my Men On Film voice…..FILTHYYYY (Hated It!!!).

The last for this blog and very important key time when a person is likely to spread germs is after touching animals, their food, or their poop. I have seen several videos that involved animals that were not sanitary. One video had a baby licking on the cat’s tail and ear, the parents filming thought that it was cute. I saw another video where the dog got over into the bathtub with the owner. Another video where the dog licked the owner in the face in the kitchen while cooking. Even the animal eating off the owners eating utensil….no hand washing at all.

Wash your hands, according to the CDC, sanitizer does not kill all germs…visibly dirty or greasy hands reduces its effectiveness. Soap and water always work….be sure to use frequently on your hands and other parts of your body to reduce the spread of germs.

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