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ShawdD Hustle @CalisBestRadio 10/24/18 with @MsLashaunTurner


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ShawdD Hustle is a cross-genre music artist specializing in hip hop, Latin, pop, reggae, urban, and R&B. they have called her unique style “trap-related hip hop.” ShawdD Hustle is represented by the HighLifeEntertainment independent record label. Her recent work is produced by fellow HighLife artist, SavvBankz. “I would describe my music as not having a true description,” ShawdD Hustle says. “I’m very versatile and can adapt to any and most sounds that are trending. Growing up listening to all kinds of music gave me a bit of an advantage than most kids growing up. So my music has evolved over time while still sounding like myself.”

ShawdD Hustle’s official releases include singles such as “Elevate Me” (2018), “Stoner Gang” (2017), “Fall Back” (2017) and “Money” (2016). Delaware’s ShawdD Hustle writes songs with themes which often focus on female empowerment. “I would say that my music is a reflection of all things I’ve experienced and seen,” she says of this, “but more importantly a lesson I try to get across while speaking the truth on topics many can relate to.” She has said she makes music “To express my opinions, or values in life to those around me, and to inspire many more who have struggled like me, and to not settle for anything less than their worth. I write music to help inspire someone else that might go through what I have.” ShawdD Hustle’s music reflects a past strewn with adversity. Raised along with her brother in a household racked with abuse, she found herself in a likewise abusive relationship.

Her story took a turn for the worse after 2 house fire’s, a bitter separation, a felony charge, and boats of homelessness, but finally in 2015, She changed her life around and got out of the last toxic and abusive relationship. “Today I’m focusing mainly on my kids, and on investing in our future. I’ve come across a new life and career path after all the years of struggle and unthinkable situations.” And in the end, ShawdD Hustle is on top with an uplifting tale to tell through urban poetry and song. “Never say you can’t do something because it seems impossible,” writes ShawdD Hustle. “Everything in life isn’t meant to be easy at all! We all have our own path – stay true to yours and the rest follows! Thank you for any support you have gave, and stay tuned to Highlife Entertainment. Love y’all and Bless up!” Music from ShawdD Hustle is available from quality digital music stores online worldwide now.

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