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Sheryl Dolley joins team Cali.FM with “A View From My Window” blog column @SherylDolley

Sheryl Dolley is a ghost writer for several celebrities and PR agencies. Her blog column will be “A VIEW FROM MY WINDOW” in deference to the lock down and stating her views. Sheryl will share insider information from the industry and she will also explore prison reform and promote positive activities of the Black Lives Matter movement in Orange County. Sheryl will talk about people doing remarkable, inventive and positive things.

Her posts are designed to bring unity to overpower divisive rhetoric that bombards us every day. The power of truth as we uncover hidden secrets in the stories will bring restored faith in humanity. There is more good than bad in spite of this pandemic, historical, political and financial failures. Together, if we understand, we will build a better future. It is time to pull the band aid off.  Get ready!

“My most important role today is representing prison reform and working on the release of Damon Cooke (serving 30 years on a 20 year sentence while doing an underground podcast and mini-series from behind bars) and working with OC Black Lives. I also work with several“501c3’s.

IG : dolleysheryl Twitter@SherylDolley LinkedIn

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