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Brent Chosen B2B Bristol born in the Caribbean Island, Trinidad and Tobago & migrated to the USA at age 13.  Has a passion for all genres of music and upon completion of high school he served in the Us Army for 5 years and was discharged honorably. ” Is was then I got the opportunity to follow my dream in music”.  Genre in Soca, Reggae,and Dancehall music.


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Imagine hails from Covina, CA (20 minutes east of Los Angeles) and has been doing the damn thing since 2008. Showmanship is the ultimate reason anyone goes to a live concert. Unfortunately, it isn’t as common as most people would want it to be when discovering a new artist. Imagine finally delivers. From the moment the music starts to when it ends, Imagine delivers a non-stop assault on his audience. His passion for performing and interacting with the crowd shines through as he commands the stage like a composer does his symphony.

His recent release, The Liftoff, saw the influence of a multitude of musical influences from Incubus and the Foo Fighters to Lana Del Rey and Phantogram. He is redefining Hip Hop on every record. He’s respected not only for his stage presence, but for his sonic versatility and originality. The unique sounding project, led to an even more innovative stage show, Moonbeams & Molecules. Still touring, audiences up and down the west coast rave of his shows on social media.

Excited for the future, Imagine is back in the process working on his follow up to his debut album with his sophomore effort, Beyond Clouds. Building upon that he is expanding on all fronts saying, “I want to include as many people as I can; whether it be radio, online, or at shows. It’s not about just reaching them. It’s about getting them involved and letting people know music and live shows are a shared experience. Let’s have a damn good time together.”


In 2009, he formed a hip hop duo and production team, with MC Kharma Di’Vinci. Together, the two released the street classic mixtape, St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, which was a hood success and garnered them overseas attention. It also caught the attention of Marty “K.C.P. Tha Artist.” Hayden, and Alexander “A.R.S.O.N. Da Kid” Harris, owners of D.C.R Global Media/D.C.R Universal Media, indie label’s in Los Angeles, CA. They signed him to a distribution deal, which gave him access to a global platform to release his music on a wider scale, including major media outlets, such as; iTunes, Spotify, Shazam, Google Play, etc. worldwide.

After releasing cuts such as “Who I Am’, “Too Blessed To Be Stressed”, and “Ninja Turtle”, in 2013 and 2014 and receiving full popularity on iTunes, Diezel was appointed as Vice President of the D.C.R, and eventually given his own divisions of the label, D.C.R Global Media South and Northwest, where he serves as C.E.O.

In 2015, he released audio and visuals for his single “Bad for My Health”, which is continuing to gain popularity.Currently, he continues to produce for up and coming artists, while preparing for his first solo album release, “The Rise to Greatness”.


Producing, performing, & all around artists from the Nina [[9 5 1]]. Out here tryna put the Fly.E on the map.

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