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The station is owned and programmed by Lashaun Turner, owner of Urban Starz Media & P.R. -Lashaun (aka Lady I.M.PRE$S) is a 10 year industry Music Publicist, Media Talent, and 5 yr KCAA, CNBC/NBC affiliate, radio broadcaster and host of “Cali’s Best Radio Show”.

Creator/Producer /Host-Cali’s Best Radio Show (Nbc/Cnbc KCAA 102.3FM) 2016-2020

Creator/Host Blaze Indie L.A Tv Show -Channel 36 (2014-2016)

Lashaun’s writing style and abilities led her to become an established blogger & contributor to popular globally recognized magazines & social websites like Black Planet, YoRaps, Gorilla Leak, Yahoo, and others. The company works with Celebrities, Independent Artists & Entrepreneurs in providing innovative exposure strategies. Lashaun has interviewed and featured THOUSANDS of artists! 

Lashaun holds an R.N License for 30 years and retired from her career in Nursing 2018.


blonde intelliegence

Aisha “Ms. Roni” Robinson is the Owner of Blonde Intelligence LLC, Hip Hop Manager, and Entertainment Blogger. The Blonde Intelligence Blog can be described as exquisite cranial repertoire. Blonde Intelligence seeks to entertain our readers, inform our readers with the best information, and embrace our readers passions.
Look forward to Blonde Intelligence every Friday on Cali.FM
Instagram: @Blonde.Intelligence     
Twitter: @rroneice 

Sheryl Dolley is a ghost writer for several celebrities and PR agencies. Her blog column will be “A VIEW FROM MY WINDOW” in deference to the lock down and stating her views. Sheryl will share insider information from the industry and she will also explore prison reform and promote positive activities of the Black Lives Matter movement in Orange County. Sheryl will talk about people doing remarkable, inventive and positive things. Her posts are designed to bring unity to overpower divisive rhetoric that bombards us every day. The power of truth as we uncover hidden secrets in the stories will bring restored faith in humanity. There is more good than bad in spite of this pandemic, historical, political and financial failures. Together, if we understand, we will build a better future. It is time to pull the band aid off.  Get ready!
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