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Danielle Heichelbech ( SUPER  ST*R)  is a talented up and coming artist who is dedicated to her craft, and has been from a very young age. Growing up, she was always in  some sort of music class, from teaching herself guitar, to singing in choirs at church and school. She started writing her own songs as a creative outlet as young as ten years old. Around age sixteen, she took a handful of vocal lessons from Patti Miner, and spent some time in a recording studio in Camden, Missouri. She began playing and creating in her spare time, including at school during lunch. She became known as ‘Guitar girl”, and soon was performing in front of other music classes, and had an interview published in her high school’s paper. She married young, had a son, and unfortunately got a divorced in 2014 due to a domestic violence situation. She was diagnosed with PTSD. Her son Sawyer was born in 2012; her daughter Paizlee was born in 2016; and her youngest son Dakota was born in 2018. Dakota had a lot of health issues including being born early, and being born with a hole in his heart which he had surgery for at five months old. Danielle practiced her music in private for a while after that, because she had developed a fear of people. After meeting her current husband, Levi, she started recovering and found solace in her music and began writing again. She is coming out of her shell and has some strong opinions of her own regarding important issues in the world today, but her life philosophy can be summed up in one word: tolerance. She adores her family, and wants to show her children that no matter what happens you never give up, and you keep chasing your dreams. Since getting remarried, she has started recording in the studio again and is eager to re-enter the spotlight and take the world by storm. Her catch phrase? Live YOUR crescendo!

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