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Never Forget Black History: 7 Black Americans Express Their Rage In The 1960s

These black Americans are angry. And expressing it articulately. Does it sound like today? In some ways yes. With the murder of George Floyd and other racial unrest, people have gone into the streets again. Black History- video   For More California...

Black History Month- US Air Force Veteran Honored 2/10/21

A local Air Force veteran is getting national recognition, but it’s not necessarily for her military service. Black History Month -video https://youtu.be/LDemeLIZ75Q For More California news VISIT For more Health News Visit Here Check out more food ideas  on Cali.FM For more Entertainment News visit...

Cicely was young, Black and enslaved – her death during an epidemic in 1714 has lessons that resonate in today’s pandemic

Nicole S Maskiell, University of South Carolina What I believe to be the oldest surviving gravestone for a Black person in the Americas memorializes an enslaved teenager named Cicely. Cicely’s body is interred across from Harvard’s Johnston Gate in Cambridge, Massachusetts....

A century ago, James Weldon Johnson became the first Black person to head the NAACP

Anthony Siracusa, University of Mississippi In this moment of national racial reckoning, many Americans are taking time to learn about chapters in U.S. history left out of their school texbooks. The early years of the National Association for the Advancement...
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BLM Activist Wants Black Only Cities “Autonomous Zones” In D.C. Democrats Warning Of “Civil War” 7/21/21

It should be painfully obvious that this country is beyond divided and we may be heading to some kind...
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