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The Major Arcana…Secrets and Mysteries

The Major Arcana…Secrets and Mysteries

Welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence with me, Ms. Roni, where I always seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. This week will be the first of a small three part series on the tarot, starting with the Major Arcana. I know some of you are thinking again….What in the hellllzzznnnniiieee???? But haven’t you already bitten off the apple?

According to Oxford Languages (2020), Arcana refers to secrets or mysteries or to the 22 trump cards. I am only going to do a brief discussion on four of the 22 major arcana cards. I hoped that your curiosity is piqued enough to continue to learn more. The Major Arcana holds significant mysteries to significant events that directly affect your life, whether in the reverse or the upright. The four cards are: The Fool, The Magician, Strength, and the Wheel of Fortune. Of these four cards, three is ruled by planets and one represented by the zodiac.

The Fool Card is ruled by the element air and the planet Uranus (I will let you check out Uranus on your own because sometimes he can be a mutha….). The fool in the upright is a good card that represents innocence, believing in self for new beginnings, creativity, and taking a chance on you. In the reverse is a total and reckless idiot. In my interpretation of the Fool card the person looks at ease around uncertainty, almost naive to the dangers around him. The positive part is that the sun is shining on him and the rays are reaching long.

The Magician is one that makes shit happen.  The card is an air element, ruled by the planet Mercury. They are the ones that finesse and flip shit. They have all the resources and skills to shape the destiny that they want. In my interpretation on the Magician card there are fruit and flowers all around the man/woman, signaling the ability to make magic happen. There is an infinity sign above his head and a large cup that he is commanding with his wands. Meaning that the magician has endless ways of filling that large cup.

Next is Strength, which is represented by Leo. The strength card is having courage in discussions, courage to stand up for you, self-assured, honest, loyal, and reliable in actions. On the strength card the lady also has an infinity symbol above her head and appears to be kind, gentle, and strong, being able to tame the lion. There is wisdom there in the upright.

The last card for this week is the Wheel of Fortune. We have all seen the game show where people spin the wheel and depending on how hard they spin and where the wheel stops if they win or lose. In life how hard you spend the wheel is your actions…remember that bitch Karma? The Wheel of Fortune is a fire element ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of luck and expansion. The Wheel of Fortune in the upright is destiny and good luck. My interpretation of the Wheel of Fortune card seems to be all the elements surrounding the wheel while it is turning. Each representation of the elements, all have books open as if they have been taking notes on past actions. Sitting at the top of the wheel is the Egyptian Sphinx, which is the Greek spiritual guardian. The Sphinx represents the higher power that determines if you go bankrupt or gets to buy vowels to help you along. This was just a sip, I hope it was good. I hope you come back next week for part II, the Minor Arcana.

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