October 25, 2020


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The Platform

The website and media hub for one of Southern California’s best known independent music influencers, Lashaun Turner . Lashaun spotlights Celebrities as well as up & coming talents through a plethora of Social Media channels, Email Databases and Hight Authority ( SEO blog postings) The platform showcases the Who’s Who and What’s “BEST” in Music, Business, Entertainment and Lifestyle.

Lashaun Turner
Lashaun is a Multi-Media Content Creator, Radio/TV Host -Owner Cali.FM. Entrepreneur, Music Publicist, Blogger, and former (2016-2020) NBC/CNBC affiliate Broadcaster @KCAA Radio 102.3FM. I am just the messenger. DON'T ask me any Questions and you WON'T get any Answers !!