October 25, 2020


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The Tupac Code Is a New Book from Author and MC Marc Shyst ..@marcshyst

Washington, DC – Marc Shyst has a new book that came out on June 16 titled The Tupac Code. The book will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

The book comes from a prominent underground hip hop MC out of Washington, DC. He wants to look back at how different concerns have come about in the hip hop world over the years and how the life of Tupac Shakur is still relevant today.
The Tupac Code is a book of parallel similarities between Tupac Shakur and Marc Shyst. It has been long since the death of one of the most iconic figures in rap music, but through Marc Shyst’s experiences Tupac’s life resurrects.
Marc Shyst states that his book was heavily inspired by the great words that Tupac Shakur gave to the world. Shyst says that the political, social, and spiritual attitudes of the world continue to be impacted by Tupac as much as the words of God and various other political figures like Malcolm X.

Since Tupac’s sudden death, there have not been many forms of rap music that have been as influential as what Tupac made. Marc Shyst brings back that element and greater sense of inspiration, social influence, and cultural impact. From reading The Tupac Code Marc Shyst injects the need to think about black culture, spirituality, and social concerns that have never been greater for the community to consider. Marc Shyst wants people to interpret The Tupac Code for themselves.

The Tupac Code is all about Marc Shyst’s commitment to restore the positive social impact of hip hop in society today. In this book, Shyst takes readers on a journey through the trials and tribulations of his life. He looks back at the many things that have impacted him as a hip hop artist over the years and how different values of note from Tupac have been used to inspire the person he is today.
The positive impact of Tupac Shakur’s work is still being felt today, and Marc Shyst’s The Tupac Code will remind people of the strong values that Tupac always promoted. Additional details on what The Tupac Code is and how to order the book can be found online at marcshyst.com. The book is now available through various major online retailers.

(Courtesy of Marc Shyst)

Name: Marc Shyst
Email: marcshyst@gmail.com
Website: www.marcshyst.com
Address: Washington, DC

Social Media- FB, IG, Twitter @marcshyst

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