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Wolfe City officer who shot and killed Jonathan Price has been fired

Wolfe City officer who shot and killed Jonathan Price has been fired

Wolfe City officer Shaun Lucas has been terminated for his “egregious violation of the City’s and police department’s policies,” in response to the shooting that led to the death of Jonathan Price.

Lucas was responding to a report of a disturbance and a possible fight in progress Saturday at a convenience store in Wolfe City when he shot Price multiple times in the torso. Friends and family of Jonathan Price said he was trying to intervene in a domestic violence situation before he was killed at the Kwik Check gas station at 103 Santa Fe Street. “What’s really sickening is that he was doing the right thing… he saw a man putting his hands on a woman and stepped in to stop the altercation.” “The man then fought him… then the police shot him. He was unarmed.

According to an affidavit- Lucas thought Price was intoxicated. He attempted to detain him when Price told him, “I can’t be detained,” the affidavit states.
“Officer Lucas continued to attempt to detain Price by grabbing Price’s arm and using verbal commands, which were both unsuccessful,” the affidavit says.
Lucas told Price he would be tased if he didn’t comply and Price began to walk away, according to the affidavit. Lucas deployed the Taser, but the affidavit says the device was not fully effective and Price “continued to walk toward Officer Lucas” while being tased. According to the affidavit, “Price appeared to reach out and grab the end of Officer Lucas Taser” and Lucas shot him four times in the upper torso.

“Based on video evidence, physical evidence and eyewitness testimony, it is clear that Officer Lucas did then and there intentionally and knowingly cause the death of Price by discharging a firearm causing the death of Price,” the Ranger wrote.

The affidavit said a body camera captured the full interaction, but that video has not been released. Shaun Lucas was arrested and charged with murder on Monday.

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