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WTF is a Drake Style Beat….Do You Not Have A Signature Sound??? @rroneice


WTF is a Drake Style Beat….Do You Not Have A Signature Sound??? #BlondeIntelligenceAuthor: Roni Robinson

“ It’s not that I don’t enjoy your music…It’s just that I feel like I’ve heard your music before. I keep wondering what the real Ray Charles sounds like….who’s he…nobody if you don’t know” Bea to Ray (Hackford, 2004).

Welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence with me, Ms. Roni, where I always seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. I was browsing on YouTube and saw someone that uploaded a creation and it said “Drake Type Beat”. I was like what??? You know me, I decided to ask and put it out there. This week I spoke with a producer and I asked the question what is a “Drake Style Beat”, he laughed and said ion’ know, but you’re going to make some ni@@as mad. My honest question is, how can you be original, being a replica? And the question remains: what the f@ck is a “Drake Style Beat”, “Jeezy Style Beat” or a” Lil Wayne Beat”? So, I asked a local independent artist and he also laughed, but described it as a beat that he might do a song to…so I asked, is this based off of a previous song or what someone thinks he might do? The answer I got was….ion’ know, but I see that a lot.

According to Google dictionary, a signature is a distinctive pattern, product, or characteristic by which someone or something can be identified. The keywords were distinctive, characteristics, and identified. A sound is the vibration that reaches a person’s ear by continuous and regular vibrations. So, your sound should have your distinctive pattern and characteristics that identify you…right? According to Weiss (2018) a signature sound is a set of attributes in someone’s music that identifies the artist or producer. Your signature sound is your sauce. Weiss states that a signature sound is derived from three places. Those places are your influencers, your natural tendencies, and your preferences. Notice all three are plural. Weiss also informs that imitating is a no-no and emulating is a must in finding your own sense of style. Is your sauce drippin’, are you authentic or knock off, do your biscuits melt like butter? Don’t have people wondering WTF is a Drake Style Beat…display your signature sound….who are you? Nobody if you don’t know.

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