September 24, 2020


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Your Music Is Not Radio Ready: You Betta Radio Raheem That Thang

Your Music Is Not Radio Ready: You Betta Radio Raheem That Thang

Welcome to this week’s Blonde Intelligence where I seek to give you exquisite cranial repertoire. Before I get started, I’m sure some people are wondering who in the helllzzznnnieee is Radio Raheem…Radio Raheem is the dude that always carries the boombox from the movie, Do The Right Thing Do The Right Thing (1989), directed by the legendary Spike Lee. Is your music Radio Raheem ready?

Picture it, you’re in Blonde Intelligence Land and you hear an artist speaking. You hear the artist say….”I cuss in my music because that’s what I do and I ain’t gonna change”. The artist goes on to say that other artists are successful and they curse in their music, and names four artists. Yes, there are some independent artists that work with producers and do not get a radio edit. In Blonde Intelligence Land, that translates into confining revenue avenues. According to Statistica (2019) U.S. Radio Industry Statistics & Facts, radio is one of the most powerful mediums in the United States with an adult reach of 90% on a weekly basis. In 2018 it is reported that 57% of the United States Population listened to online radio on a monthly basis (Watson, 2019). That means that you left a potential 43% of revenue out of your Sound Exchange check. Remember from a previous blog, you don’t leave money on the table you take the whole damn table.

According to radio is the number one source for new music discovery and that streaming is now playing an important role in determining which songs are played on the radio. It is also stated that playlisting/curation is important to streaming with 49% of AM/FM “over the air” discovering music from playlists (Radio Influence on Music). Artists, plan your release to have time to correctly register and submit to playlists (they want it before it is released). In Blonde Intelligence Land, it seems that independent artists that are trying to break into an industry that is clogged may want to put focus into making sure their music is always on that boombox (Tablet, computer, phone, car) cause if it ain’t you betta Radio Raheem that thang.

Author: Blonde Intelligence (Ms. Roni)

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