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You’re 30 Thousand Times! The Music Producer Reflects On His Birthday Milestone ..


March 15th is music producer ‘Thousand Times’ 30th birthday and thus far the whirlwind year of success shows no signs of slowing down. In the month since authoring a music opinion article that was picked up by the Associated Press and distributed to over three hundred outlets including ABC, Fox & CBS the music maker has remained focused and productive.

Milestone birthdays can make many people introspective and Thousand Times is no different. “In the weeks leading up to my birthday I began to think of all the moments of life that brought me to this day. In my reflections I was astounded at how quickly life was progressing. More than anything I’d like to see another 30 years and I hope that they are meaningful and impact others positively.”

In February Thousand Times linked up with 808 Mafia member ‘Fameus’ on his latest beat tape ‘Year of the Producer 2’. Thousand Times debuted a brand new bass-heavy hip hop track that features a retro sounding church organ called ‘End of the Beginning’. “It was awesome to get a track on this beat tape! I’ve been inspired by Southside for starting 808 Mafia for over a decade now. I think Fameus is the man ’cause he’s always dropping music industry gems on IG”.

In addition to the 808 Mafia beat tape placement Thousand Times has remained busy by fostering relationships with dozens of artists in preparation for future projects. “When I start to think of all the music that is coming in the future I’m excited and anxious. I couldn’t be happier with SouleJukebox, they are more than just a recording studio, the guys over there stay busy with all kinds of live events of all kinds-its amazing!”

Everyone knows that Charlotte,NC is now booming the arts, music and nightlife. Any day of the week there are live events and cool venues to check out. “I’m excited to be spending my big 3-0 with my girlfriend and close folks at ‘The Peace Pipe’ in Charlotte. It’s the hottest spot in town and I cannot wait! I also hope to record at least one amazing record with a new artist over the weekend. I feel like I’m living my dreams!”

Check out Thousand Times new instrumental “End Of The Beginning”

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