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@YungRichBandman Ft Nando Desoda – Banding Out (Remix)

YungRichBandman is an upcoming Chicago artist who has been receiving quite a bit of attention lately for his new track “Banding Out” featuring Nando Desoda. (Not that social media attention is anything new to the young artist as he’s known for his opulent posts, like flushing $1,000 down the toilet on twitter, (crazy, right?), building him a pretty hefty following on IG & Twitter.)

YungRichBandman Blossomed into the music industry when his friends, fellow up and coming Chicago artists, Nando Desoda and Ramon Released their hit single “Hanes.”
Bandman, as he’s known to his friends, was born and raised in the city of Chicago. Some say you may just catch him on 79th in an All white Lamborghini.

At just the tender age of 18, the young artist Created The track after being involved in a car accident on Chicago’s famous lakeshore drive. attributed to racing another driver on a bike, the accident was significant enough to wreck the artist’s Lamborghini. For a young boss like this one, however, he seemed less than worried as he quoted, “My Foreigns Having Baby’s.”

The artists, YungRichBandman and Nando Desoda, Idea behind the project was to make a song that people could hear and really feel and strategically release it in time for Income tax season, lol, so everybody can “band out.”Smart”.

Lashaun Turner
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